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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. athe winds were so powerful that it blew big rigs on their side topping 75 miles per hour on the altamont pass. >> it toppled trucks but it toppled trees. this one came crushing into the bedroom of an antioch room in the middle of the night. >> there is a lot of debris getting cloned up right new from the destructive win. we will get to our news reporter in danville. amy? the winds did a lost damage last night. look at this home in danville.
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this red cad came down last night at 7:30 landing on the bed of the three-year-old. the family was in another part of the area. they have a cottage in the backyard they rent out. the renters had a dinner party and everyone was okay. everyone said it sounded like thunder when it came down. now look at this video. the winds were so strong they knocked over big rig drives down the internet. six big rigs were blown over eastbound on 580 in tracy. everyone is okay but very surprised. a clerk we talked with, who talks to the talkers as they pass through told white house they said of the conditions. >> it is really bad compared to most days. usually we get a couple of hours of fairly good wind but nothing compared to what we are having today. >> the clerk told us the area is
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written -- windy but not this windy. it is all cleared. everyone is back to normal. in danville, though, you can see a big red tag. the building detector determined the family has to move out of the this house. the family not sure where they will go. they slept in the house last night and did not call the fire department until this morning but the officials are saying they cannot be here. this family is trying to figure out what to do now. feeling grateful, though no one was hurt. i asked the country little girl's bedroom and they said the sheet rock is sagging but there are no tree limbs coming through. hopefully it is just a roof replacement. who knows how long that will take. a very windy night with lots of damage around the bay area. >> amy, thank you. ant antioch family is cleaning up after winds sent a
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tree through their roof on west 6th street. this is the scene a few minutes ago. look at that! a huge dead tree toppled on to a back bedroom last night. >> a much different perspective here inside the home. jonathan and his young son were in the bedroom when the tree crashed through. he says he was sitting on the bed and he heard a loud nose which was the tree snapping at its base. he was treated at the hospital for scratches. >> the winds caused problems in emeryville. crews dismantled rubble this after the winds store the face off of a store front at 9:00 last night when the front of the "forever 21" came crashing down. a couple of cars were damaged but no injuries. >> how strong was the wind?
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has it subsided? >> great question, kristen. we will use the picture to show you how the winds are going around ten and gusting up to 17 or 18 miles per hour across san francisco as we look to the head lands with a few low clouds hanging out. the fattest winds were at 75 in the a pass at 8:12 last night faster than hurricanes at 74 miles per hour. 58 miles per hour are severe thunderstorms. near blackhawk, or, say, mount diabolo, 62. napa was 47-mile-per-hour wind. we are now gusting to 23 in napa and 17 in san carlos and 14 at sfo. the winds have picked up since this morning. they will continue to do that from now through about 6:00. when the sun sets, though, the atmosphere will decouple and the winds will calm as we head overnight and we will turn our attention to the stray shower that is possible the next 24 to 38 hours.
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>> thank you very much. last night's strong winds, in light of the damage, we want you to share your video or pictures with us at or fair them with us at facebook >> a new twist in the relationship between a suspected dunk driver and the pedestrian she allegedly killed on a driveway this morning. nick? >> police just cleared the scene. you can see what is left behind after a drunk driver crashed into this wall, pinned her friend and killed her at the seen. >> when i hear something like we did this morning at 2:30 that is not standard operating procedure i get nervous. >> james heard the driver of this 2014 ford passing into the panel of the garage with her friend pinned between the s.u.v.
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and the frame door. this is how the street looked after police arrived. a quiet circumstantial neighborhood turned into a crime scene. >> it was loud enough for james and others to hear noises, either a scream or an argument. police are not saying which. they say early witnesses were afraid to look out and see where the sounds were coming from but called the police. >> the driver and the victim knew each other. again, i don't know to what extent. >> in video you will see only on abc7 news, police arrested the 27-year-old unidentified driver at the scene for vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence. the victim was a passenger in the car only minutes before she was hit and killed. >> we are trying to confirm the i.d. of the driver of the victim. >> technicians collected evidence. >> it could have been worse.
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it could have been worse. >> a lot worse because police say the d.w.i. often result in multiple injuries. there is severe structural damage. the driver is cooperating with the investigators but they are asking that anyone with additional information contact the san jose police department. today's vehicle related fatality was the 34th of the year. >> thank you. we have new details about the identity of the sonoma county heard who shot and killed the santa rosa teenager. the sheriff has confirmed that the deputy fired the shots that killed 13-year-old andy lopez while caring a toy rifle that resembled an ak-47. he is 48 years old and one of 26 range master's in the department and has not been crimed. he has handled field training of officers. the f.b.i. is looking into the
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shooting with other local agencies. >> san francisco city parks and recreation worker accused of running over a sunbather wrapped up a court hearing and driving restrictions have been imposed for the 58-year-old thomas 35-year-old mother in a city vehicle. the defense attorney says that he swerved to avoid hitting aing do. >> celebrity chef will testify in a marin county courtroom today in the attempted murder and car theft case of 19-year-old max wade, accused of stealing his lamborghini from a repair shop in san francisco in order to impress a girl. investigators say wade then tried to kill her and her boyfriend when she rejected wade. the defense says this is no evidence linking waited to the crime.
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>> the alameda county district attorney will open an investigation into a senior living facility accused of leaving patients to fend for themselves. 14 disabled patients were found at valley springs manor in castro valley on saturday. the staff left after officials ordered the facility closed last week. three workers including a janitor, stayed on without pay to care for the poor patients. the owners attorney says there was sufficient staff to handle the parents. authorities disagree. >> i base it on what the paramedics did: they transported all 14 people out of there to the hospital. i am not a medical expert. we are in law enforcement business but not medics say we need to get everyone to a hospital, i will go with what they say. >> the tone says it is a misunderstanding and the owner is chronically ill. the company owns two other facilities where operating
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listens were revoked. >> the n.s.a. scandal widens to another united states ally. >> the doctor is out: the doctor who was in
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>> penn state will pay $60 million to settle claims of child sexual abuse by former
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assistant football coach jerry sandusky. the money will be paid to 26 young men after negotiations that last add year. the school faces six other claims. he is facing a new trial while serving a sentence of 30 do 60 years. new revelations of the n.s.a. spying scandal. there are conflicting reports on whether president obama knew about the extent of the spying. the "wall street journal" reports that the president only found out in the summer that united states was monitoring three dozen heads of state and followed a white house review of the n.s.a. surveillance program. we have more on the "wall street journal" story next. >> the n.s.a. spying scandal continues to grow. today, a report that for five years president obama had no knowledge that united states spies were were targeting 35 heads of state including some america's top allies. the "wall street journal" citing unnamed united states sources said that president obama only
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found out this summer after the white house launched an internal review of n.s.a. surveillance. he said this. >> i don't have an interest. the people of the n.s.a. don't have an interest in doing anything other than making sure where we can prevent a terrorist attack. >> the united states say they is stop spying on merkel and will not do it in the future but the "wall street journal" reports that programs targeting other world leaders are operating and the leaks which stem from information from former n.s.a. contract edward snowden keep coming. two spanish newspapers say the n.s.a. monitored 60 million phone calls in spain just in one month. in washington, dc, mixed reaction. >> this notion that we are going after each other on what is really legitimate protection of nation state interest is, i think, disingenuous.
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>> we have repair work to do and i think we have hard questions we need to ask of the nasa about what is really happening in this program. >> talk ministers are in washington for meetings with lawmakers and administration officials. the surveillance program is on the agenda but the administration insists that is not the main focus. >> a german newspaper is reporting that president obama knew chancellor merkel's mobile phone was tapped back in 2010 and approved the spying and ordered it to continue. the paper quote add high ranking n.s.a. official as the source who also said that the president was told about the spying by the n.s.a.'s director himself. >> the doctor convicted in the death of michael jackson is a free man after serving half of his four-year sentence. conrad murray was released from jail in downtown los angeles after midnight with unhappy jackson fans waiting.
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the attorney got into a heated exchange. >> if you were not so ignorant you wrote know he was not convicted of murder. >> he loved michael jackson. michael jackson loved i. >> the former cardiologist was convicted in 2011of involuntary manslaughter. murray is appealing. he has filed a petition in texas to have his mold license reinstated. he hopes to work as a doctor in california, as well, too. >> we will turn our attention to the weather. the wind last night...kept me awake! >> we knew the transition would be noisy. it surely was. a lot of leaves rustling around. if your garbage was not tied down it was down. we had up to a foot of snow at the begin of sugar bowl in the sierra. we will let you know if we will get rain out of system in our
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seven-day outlook. >> the bay area community using crowd sourcing to
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covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> more fallout from the wind. a tree down in pittsburg near brookside drive was dangerously near a power line. it fell into a tree. it doesn't look like it hit the house. that is good news. i am sure the folks will get that kind up. >> oakland residents have raised tens of thousands to hire
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private security guards to patrol their neighborhoods with three different funding campaigns after casual car poolers were robbed in broad daylight. two campaigns have raised a total of $48,000 and the third will continue in fact october 31. starting next month security guards will travel for 12 hour shifts with occasional foot patrols and are only allowed to report crimes to police not make arrests. >> that is a creative way to deal with the problem. >> right now, back to the wind. >> a lot wind out there. windy in the mountains. their wins remain less than hours. this is how the snow was falling in blue canyon, coming down as a wet snow as you would expect early in the season so we are seeing the branches bowing a
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little bit. as far as our forecast we have a winter weather advisory for the western slope and we can get levels up to 7" until 11:00 this evening the tahoe is technically out of the winter wet advisory at noon so all of the passes were snow covered this morning. you needed chains. in the evening, some of it could refreeze. live doppler 7 hd shows over lake tahoe it is letting up but it will head to reno, across salt lake and the sierra and the western slope and bring more snow. that is why we are going do have some issues with travel. at home, everything is quiet compared to this morning with up to .16" in the santa cruz mountain areas. some of our other areas had .01 or more, but well above 2,000' with a possibility of a shower but it is quiet right now.
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the clouds are building. you can see a few looking to the south and most of them are building out of the reach the camera. the clouds will continue to build with showers popping up, very isolated. not only today, but, also, tonight and tomorrow with the lows close enough and the instability is great enough to create a pop-up shower. the warmest weather is wednesday and thursday and friday and another system is coming down for the weekend promising more fall like weather. we will talk about temperatures today compared to average eight eight degrees cooler in oakland to 11 in napa and san francisco, going from 60's and 70's to where we should be to 50's and 60's and the 64 in livermore is probably as warm as it gets. 63 in san jose and everyone else inland in the low 60's and mid-60's at the coast. tonight, the temperatures are going to be coolest up north, we
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get rid of the clouds and wind long enough to dip into the middle 30's. we were in the upper 30's last night and the coldest morning is wednesday morning with the possibility of frost up there. the rest of us are in the mid-to-upper nasty 40's. from noon through to the afternoon you can see the scattered showers developing and they may step off into the lower elevations. you can see them scattered through the midnight hour across san francisco, the low is just to our west and we are coming in from the west, the moisture is being picked up and dropping it through the morning rush hour until noon. notice, we are in the lowest color of the scale and i don't think any of us will get over a couple of hundredths but for the higher elevations along the coast. the seven-day forecast shows in the east bay hills, they could get a little more but tomorrow, more sunshine. temperatures are one-or-two degrees warmer. there is more sunshine and no more threat of showers on wednesday. halloween and friday, the first
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day of november is looking the warmest and setting the clock back for the extra hour of sleep, grab an extra blanket because it will be cooler this weekend. >> he wants to ski so badly. >> you can get weather alerts by downloading the weather app. >> straight ahead, how young is too young to go high-tech, wait until you hear how early today's kids are
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